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 Proven Integrity -
 In-depth Project Management

      Central Lakes Construction Co. Inc., specializes in comprehensive
      General Contracting and Construction Management  services. 
      Since 1989, we've successfully completed numerous public and 
      commercial renovations, as well as new construction 
      and structural or mechanical upgrade projects throughout
      the Chicago area. 

 The Standard is 

      At Central Lakes, our approach is somewhat different than most...

       We believe that true General Contracting/Construction 
       Management excellence means more than high bonding 
       limits: It means accurate estimates, smooth project coordination's 
       and utterly dependable on-time completions. It also means using
       only proven subcontractors, delivering uniform high quality results
       each and every time, and developing lasting professional 
       relationships with clients and subcontractors alike.

       Moreover, it means demonstrating day-in, day-out traditional values
       such as honesty and fairness in every facet of our business.

       In short, at Central Lakes Construction, Inc.,

        we believe in doing what's right... 


       Beginning with realistic estimates, Central Lakes General Contracting
       services include careful progress schedule preparation, along with
       expert site supervision, coordination and monitoring. In addition,
       we provide thorough project administration services, including
       detailed job histories.

       Our Construction Management services further include skillful bid
       solicitation, as well as professional recommendations and proven
       "value engineering". The result can be significant client cost savings.

 Why Central Lakes?

      Construction Expertise. We understand General Contracting.
       We have the know-how to bring your project its successful, on-time
       completion... and an unwavering commitment to "close-out" the job.

      Proven track record. Central Lakes' client loyalty rate-- among
       the northwest suburbs' most enviable-- includes more than 12
       schools districts alone!

      Assured quality workmanship. When you choose Central Lakes,
       you're assured of strict accordance to plans and specifications, along
       with truly impeccable quality workmanship.

       Most importantly, we simply never take shortcuts on quality...

     Subcontractor Performance. Because our
       subcontractors know we won't "shop" bids, they continually
       deliver high quality workmanship at competitive prices.

   Your Best Choice

      Putting solid moral values to work can make a difference. For
      General Contracting/Construction Management integrity, expertise
      - and truly dependable on time completions-
      consider Central Lakes Construction Co., Inc. for your very 
      next project.

                                                  At Central Lakes Construction Co., Inc.,
                                                  we believe that client expectations and 
                                                  project requirements can be readily met, 
                                                  and often exceeded, through reputable
                                                  business practices, skillful project
                                                  execution- and just plain hard work!

                                                  Honesty and fairness belong in the workplace. 
                                                  At Central Lakes, we go about  proving it.
                                                  Day-in, and day-out... in every facet of our business

                                             ROBERT H. FLASZ
                                                               Central Lakes Construction Co. , Inc.

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